Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Lord is good!!!

OK so I haven't posted in awhile. so lets see what I can pull up that would interest you people...

The Lord is good. This past while I've really been struggling in a particular area of my life and I just couldn't get victory. Then yesterday evening as I was preparing for bed I suddenly felt free I wasn't even really thinking about it. it was wonderful. and still is.

Something the Lord has been teaching me lately is that he called me to be me. not someone else in my youth group, not some one else in the church, but just to be me. Not to take on the standards of others just to win their approval (which isn't by the way really needed but it is nice) but as long as I follow the Lords leading and seek His will His standards thats all that matters.

well blessings to you all. I nearly out did myself on this post :rolls eyes:


P.S We have had some BEAUTIFUL weather these past two weeks. I can finally go barefoot again!!!!!