Friday, May 2, 2008

Rambling (again)

Hey People.
I haven't updated in awhile so I figured I would do a quick maybe random update before I head out for the evening. I have a Youth committee meeting.

My week has been full. I have had work every day and something up every evening. One of these evenings I'm gonna hole up in my room and I won't come out until its time to get ready to go to bed. I shall love that.

Jesus is so good. Even when trying times come, and we just don't understand why things are the way they are or why people respond the way they do. He is faithful and will remain so even if I don't. that is such a humbling thought. What Love. Do I deserve it? NO. But he not only gives it he Lavishes it on us. What a Great and Mighty God we serve.

The Lord has really been pruning me lately, with my plans and dreams for the future, for this year, wanting to take away the good to replace it with the Best. Am I willing to let everything go and totally trust him? What if its not the way I always dreamed? Is he trustworthy? my mind says YES! but he's teaching my heart that he really is.

OK. I'm done rambling. sorry. I'm sorting out my thoughts.

Thanks for baring with me. If it sounds jumbled up I'm sorry

Seeking Jesus and him alone,