Monday, September 8, 2008

This is an excerpt from the back of our Church bulletin two Sundays ago. It made me brake out in "goose bumps"

A certain minister was once called to the bedside of a dying infidel whom he had befriended, and for whom he had helped to provide for his physical needs, When the minister arrived at the bedside, the man said, "I have not called you here to talk about religion, for you know I do not believe in it, but I have called you that I might thank you for all your kindness to me." "May I ask you one question?" said the minister. "Yes," he replied, "just as long as you do not talk to me about religion." Lifting his heart in prayer the minister said "You know I have to preach tonight, and many of those that will be there are poor people, and sick, who will soon have to face death just as you are now doing. Tell me, what shall I preach about?" There was a long silence, and then with tear-dimmed eye he responded, "Preach Christ to them, preach Christ." Then utterly broken he was ready to let the minister preach Jesus to him, and to lead him to receive Christ as his Savior.

This is what the world needs today, and the need of every individual. Let us be faithful to make Him known, for He is the only way of Salvation.

"No matter what scripture text I preach from, I always cut
cross-country to Jesus Christ, and preach His saving Grace."
- Charles Spurgeon


Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Wow. The Lord has really been convicting me in one area. And He seems to get me from all sides. From the Book I'm reading to the message we watched this past week at Bible Study. God has really been showing me how cold my prayer life really is.

I don't know about you but it seems as though every time you think you are "OK" in your walk with the Lord He seems to turn the light on a little brighter so I can see how much I still need to clean up in my life.

Oft times we are told "Prayer is so important" "You Need to Pray" and we look over our hectic schedule and say "I don't have time to pray". I've been reading the Book "Set-Apart Femininity" by Leslie Ludy.

She told of a time when the Lord prompted her and her husband (Eric) to spend more time in prayer. They heeded this call and as a result they seem to have more time. They started spending concentrated time in prayer every morning and evening two years ago and in that time they have written 4 full length books, done over 200 hours worth of public speaking, launched two major websites, conducted countless media interviews and conference calls, gone on several trips, pastored a church community, personally mentored several young people a week, helped their two-year-old memorized 180 country flags and capitals, the solar system, and 140 dog breeds, and adopted a five-month-old baby girl from Korea. A side from this they have had huge amounts of leisure time sprinkled throughout these years. So God can bless you above and beyond if you give Him "God-room" a Place for him to step in and work, we can make this kind of room through prayer.

I could go on and on about making "God-room" but I would get so muddled up. I would HIGHLY recommend you to watch or listen to the message by Doug Small entitled "Entertaining God" See if you can get your hands on it somewhere. He emphasizes on the NEED to entertain God as Abraham did in Genesis 18. God can only move when we invite Him in.

So often when we are going through times of Struggle we cry out "God where are you?" But one thing that Doug Small said was that God won't barge in, we Need to invite Him in.

So the Lord has just showed me again and again that Prayer is to be the center of my relationship with Him. If we want to get to know someone we spend time talking to them a two way conversation.

Any way. I hope that made sense. I'll expound on smaller points as I have time.

Blessings to each of you as you Seek the face of God.

Seeking Him,