Friday, July 18, 2008

Another Post

Greetings to all my faithful Readers,

It looks like this site needs another post. But the only problem is that I have no Idea what to post about. I have tried to cure this problem in the past with asking readers to provide a subject but that has failed another cure I have tried is what I call my "Random posts" where I tell you little bits of random information about my present life; but I find this does not always suffice. So this round I shall bore you all with comments and sounds that bring back memories from last week.

"So what are we doing? I don't understand" I heard this so many times last week from one of the little boys on my team; I explained the craft at least three times and he would turn to me and pop the question yet again. It nearly drove me crazy the last day; But the Lord lavished patience on me.

"I see the moon, the moon sees me..." That is the song my car load of girls sang every night... *sigh those drives were good times. We usually left the gym where we held the children's program at about 11pm sometimes later. Our car had no AC so our windows were rolled down and we would sing that song flying down the 427. *sigh those were good times.

"BLITZ" was the call you would hear if you would have stepped into our air conditioned basement apartment at about 12:00pm. We had some wonderful games and giggling fits as only a bunch of girls can have.

"BEEP BEEP BEEP" that is a little bit of an embarrassing sound when you are frying eggs or baking Pizza and the smoke alarm goes off. Even more so when the lady who owns the house is home. One of the guys had a quick fix for is problem. You simply take the batteries out. (don't worry we replaced them before turning in).

Another sound that brings back memories is Trina "yelling""Who put dirty dishes in the clean sink?" we had no dish towel until the last day and we didn't discover the dish rack until the last day as well so we brilliant people came up with the Idea that we would wash the dishes in one sink and stack them in the other. Well this worked out fine until someone came along who didn't know of our brilliant plan and mixed our clean dishes with dirty ones. So, Yeah those dishes got washed about three times before the made it back into the cupboard. fun times.

"My soul will rejoice in the Lord..." is what I would wake up to every morning whether it be at 9am or 6am. I would much rather wake up to a CD playing then that confounded "BEEP BEEP BEEPing" that is an option on most alarm clocks. (btw Hallal Music is Great to wake up to!)

There. Those are a few of my recollections from last week. I really enjoyed it. The Lord really blessed me. It was nice just to get away from the same old, same old every day routine.

The Lord is Good. Bless His Name.

Learning to lean on Him Only,

Monday, July 14, 2008

Hey Everybody!

This last week was so GREAT. I really enjoyed working with the children even though patients did run low at points but God was faithful!

I was able to lead a team of 14 children along with my good friend (who helped me keep my sanity) Nancy! She was so awesome all week.

The theme this year was the "Names of God" it was really neat. by the end of the week we had gone through 7 names of God; which included:


(Lord and Master),

El Roi
(The God who Sees),

Jehovah Raah
(The Lord is my Shepherd),

El Shaddai
(All Sufficient One),

Jehovah Tsidkenu
(God is My Righteousness),

Jehovah Nissi
(God is my Banner)

The Lord reaffirmed these things to me all last week through teaching these children that God is enough, we can't hide anything from Him, He will provide for us, and he created us and loves us. those were just a few points that we covered through out the week.

The week was also filled with fun moments. I shared a house with 6 other girls and we had a blast. Friday we went to the Toronto Science Centre and had loads of fun. and then even during the evenings when we had the children we had skits, songs, stories, verses we memorized. all around it was a week I won't forget. I'll probably post some more when I've had proper time to reflect and gather my thoughts.

I didn't have a camera but a couple of my friends did so I'll see what I can do as to posting some pictures yet.

Well I close in Half an Hour so I'm gonna head out and do what needs to be done here before closing.

Blessings to all as you seek to make El Shaddai your all in all.

In Christ Alone,

Sunday, July 6, 2008

This Week

Hey People,

Tomorrow I'm headed off to Toronto for a week with 3 other people from this area to teach a CI (excuse me) a Children's Program. Please pray for us. there will be 11 other young people besides the ones from my area there. Just pray that the Lord would empower us with His Spirit to reach out to these children. This week could change thier life. Please also pray for Patience and Lots of it. Thank you all very much!! I don't know it I will have access to the internet over there if I do I'll try to get a post or two out some time; If not then I shall attempt to fill you in next week when I return.

Blessings to each of you as you serve our Lord right where you are!!!


Serving God,


Thursday, July 3, 2008

Where are you at?

Wow. there is no better way to shake up your relationship with the Lord than to have an almost complete stranger but a brother in the Lord ask you how your relationship with the Lord is. That has really set me thinking. Is my relationship with the Lord as it should be? a quick glance and I can say a decided NO.

I have to constantly analyze my own life when I see something in someone else's life that isn't as it should be. Am I the same person in the Youth as I am at home? every time we get together do I have to pull on a mask so I look Spiritual? I like to be who I am; I like not always feeling the pressure that I have to conform to be like those around me so that I will gain favor I don't need. Something that the Lord keeps telling me is that "As long as you do what pleases me, What others say doesn't matter at all"

Any ways. That is a little of what has been running through my head lately. I find I don't open up to people but if I can write it down or post it, it comes out a little clearer.

Thanks for bearing with me.

In Christ Alone,