Monday, July 14, 2008

Hey Everybody!

This last week was so GREAT. I really enjoyed working with the children even though patients did run low at points but God was faithful!

I was able to lead a team of 14 children along with my good friend (who helped me keep my sanity) Nancy! She was so awesome all week.

The theme this year was the "Names of God" it was really neat. by the end of the week we had gone through 7 names of God; which included:


(Lord and Master),

El Roi
(The God who Sees),

Jehovah Raah
(The Lord is my Shepherd),

El Shaddai
(All Sufficient One),

Jehovah Tsidkenu
(God is My Righteousness),

Jehovah Nissi
(God is my Banner)

The Lord reaffirmed these things to me all last week through teaching these children that God is enough, we can't hide anything from Him, He will provide for us, and he created us and loves us. those were just a few points that we covered through out the week.

The week was also filled with fun moments. I shared a house with 6 other girls and we had a blast. Friday we went to the Toronto Science Centre and had loads of fun. and then even during the evenings when we had the children we had skits, songs, stories, verses we memorized. all around it was a week I won't forget. I'll probably post some more when I've had proper time to reflect and gather my thoughts.

I didn't have a camera but a couple of my friends did so I'll see what I can do as to posting some pictures yet.

Well I close in Half an Hour so I'm gonna head out and do what needs to be done here before closing.

Blessings to all as you seek to make El Shaddai your all in all.

In Christ Alone,


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