Thursday, July 3, 2008

Where are you at?

Wow. there is no better way to shake up your relationship with the Lord than to have an almost complete stranger but a brother in the Lord ask you how your relationship with the Lord is. That has really set me thinking. Is my relationship with the Lord as it should be? a quick glance and I can say a decided NO.

I have to constantly analyze my own life when I see something in someone else's life that isn't as it should be. Am I the same person in the Youth as I am at home? every time we get together do I have to pull on a mask so I look Spiritual? I like to be who I am; I like not always feeling the pressure that I have to conform to be like those around me so that I will gain favor I don't need. Something that the Lord keeps telling me is that "As long as you do what pleases me, What others say doesn't matter at all"

Any ways. That is a little of what has been running through my head lately. I find I don't open up to people but if I can write it down or post it, it comes out a little clearer.

Thanks for bearing with me.

In Christ Alone,


  1. Anonymous said...
    Wow, what you've described is the exact reasons I believe youth groups are a detriment to the health of the church and families. There must be a mix of old and young in order for there to be a balance of youth and zeal along with age and experience.
    Melodie said...
    Our Youth Group ranges from the ages of 14-26 so we have a diversity of ages and people. God has richly blessed our Youth Group with a love for him. the thing we need now is just to be real not conforming to other members of the group.
    Margaret Neufeld said...
    Amen. So long as it pleases God, it doesn't matter what somebody else thinks. And as for your last comment, yes, it's so important that we're real.

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