Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Something New

I figured it was time to get something new up here for once. This may be a bit on the Random side but I hope I won't lose you.

I just finished a book called "Report for Duty" by Lily A. Bear (I think) about a young man who was drafted and told to report for duty but his call of duty to his master was stronger and because he answered the call of duty to his master he was heavily persecuted; and it eventually cost him his life. It was such a challenge to love only the Lord and to see your only home as Heaven no matter what persecutions you face on earth.

My Family along with some friends went to Marine Land Yesterday. I enjoyed the majority of it. I can see what could draw a person back again and again. But as Mom says "To everything there is a balance" so to much is bad. It is amazing how smart God created animals; watching those seals, dolphins, Orcas, and sealions it was AMAZING what they could to. Our Lord is truly Amazing.

Well I gotta head out its nearing bed time. The rest of this week we're going to be redoing my room!!! I can hardly wait 'till its done!!

Blessings to all as you seek the face of our Savior.

In Christ Alone,


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