Monday, November 17, 2008

He Knoweth Best

Hey Everyone,

Its REALLY snowing outside right now! I love the snow (especially when I can look out at it through a window and I'm inside nice and warm!)

The Lord has really been doing a work in my life lately. "Poking and Prodding" (if you will) in areas of my life that were still "mine" and I didn't (and still kinda don't) want to let them go. But I know that these things don't last for eternity. How easily we can get caught up in the cares of this world. I see my sin and the Lord has opened my eyes for which I am thankful. He is showing me that I need to hold things like this

and not like this
If I hold things to tightly he cannot use me because I will bring too much with me. But if I hold things with an Open hand the Lord is free to take and to Give. You can't give something to someone if they have a closed hand.

True Joy can only be found when we surrender all to the only one who knows it all.
He knows what is best.

A good Friend sent me this poem and it spoke to me. Hope you are blessed.


When you lie in bed wondering what you're doing,
Or decide to move, but don't know where you're going,
Be calm and trust Him, for He knoweth best!

When you are confused with the twists and twirls of life,
Or at the brink and sick of all your struggles and strife,
Be calm and trust Him, for He knoweth best!

When you feel like you're really at your very end,
Or when you feel defeated and have no love to lend,
Be calm and trust Him, for He knoweth best!

Your father up above,
Is always looking down with love,
Be calm and trust Him, for He knoweth best!

He is with you, will be to the end,
For He unlike men, His word will never bend.
Be calm and trust Him, for He knoweth best!

When making decisions, never do you need to fear,
For your Father in Heaven, has promised to always be near.
Be calm and trust Him, for He knoweth best!

Be still and quiet; let Him speak to you,
He is the almighty, never with Him argue.
Be calm and trust Him, for He knoweth best

Sulekha Esther Rathnam


(It stopped snowing :sigh:)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Will your anchor hold?

Hey Everybody!

The Lord has really been doing a work in my life lately. Challenging the things I do, the music I listen to, and the books I read. The question that has really convicted me is "If the Lord would return right now would I be ashamed for Him finding doing what I'm doing?" Wow. This question hit me hard and I had to seriously evaluate what I was doing with my time. I've had to cut out some things that weren't easy to let go. But another question that came to my mind was... "I want a man who is totally dedicated to God... Isn't that what he is going to want? A woman who is totally dedicated to God who holds nothing back?" But then I want to change things just for my future husband but then the Lord asks me "If you are willing to change things for a mere man, why not me? Isn't that what it is supposed to be a life dedicated to me and not to a man?" This is just a glance into what the Lord has been showing me lately.

The Lord has really been impressing on me lately the shortness of life, the frailty of life, and making sure that when the Lord ends the life here on earth or returns to take his bride home that I will be ready. A song that was playing in my brothers car the other day really struck me. Here are the Lyrics.

In times like these you need a Savior
In times like these you need an anchor;
Be very sure, be very sure
Your anchor holds and grips the Solid Rock!

This Rock is Jesus, Yes, He's the One;
This Rock is Jesus, the only One!
Be very sure, be very sure
Your anchor holds and grips the Solid Rock!

In times like these you need the Bible,
In times like these O be not idle;
Be very sure, be very sure
Your anchor holds and grips the Solid Rock!

This Rock is Jesus, Yes, He's the One;
This Rock is Jesus, the only One!
Be very sure, be very sure
Your anchor holds and grips the Solid Rock!

In times like these I have a Savior,
In times like these I have an anchor;
I'm very sure, I'm very sure
My anchor holds and grips the Solid Rock!

This Rock is Jesus, Yes, He's the One;
This Rock is Jesus, the only One!
I'm very sure, I'm very sure
My anchor holds and grips the Solid Rock!

Can you say that along with me? Is your anchor griping that solid rock? Where will you spend eternity Heaven or Hell? both are real no matter what you may say or think.

Blessings to all,

Saturday, November 1, 2008

A Real Christian

A young African preacher from Zimbabwe, overwhelmed by rebels. They demanded that he renounce his faith. He refused. The night before they took his life he wrote the following lines on a scrape of paper. He said…

I am part of the fellowship of the unashamed.

I have the Holy Spirit power.

The die has been cast; I have stepped over the line.

The decision has been made. I am a disciple of HIS.

I won’t look back, let up, slow down, back away, or be still.

My past is redeemed, my present makes sense, my futures secure.

I’m finished and done with low living, sight walking, small planning, smooth knees, colorless dreams, tame visions, mundane talking, chancy living, and dwarf goals.

I no longer need pre-eminence, position, promotions, plaudits, or popularity.

I don’t have to be right, first, tops, recognized, praised, regarded, or rewarded.

I now live by presence, lean by faith, love by patience, lift by prayer, labor by power.

My face is set, my gate is fast, my goal is heaven, my road is narrow, my way is rough, my companions are few, my guide is reliable, my mission is clear.

I cannot be bought, compromised, detoured, lured away, turned back, diluted, or delayed.

I will not flinch in the face of sacrifice, hesitate in the presence of adversity, negotiate at the table of the enemy, ponder at the pool of popularity, or meander in the maze of mediocrity.

I won’t give up, shut up, let up, or burn up; until I’m preached up, prayed up, paid up, stored up, stayed up for the cause of Christ!

I am a disciple of JESUS!

I’m gonna go till he comes, give ‘till I drop, preach until all know, work ‘till he stops, and when he comes to get his own; he’ll have no problem recognizing me. My colors will be clear!

Monday, September 8, 2008

This is an excerpt from the back of our Church bulletin two Sundays ago. It made me brake out in "goose bumps"

A certain minister was once called to the bedside of a dying infidel whom he had befriended, and for whom he had helped to provide for his physical needs, When the minister arrived at the bedside, the man said, "I have not called you here to talk about religion, for you know I do not believe in it, but I have called you that I might thank you for all your kindness to me." "May I ask you one question?" said the minister. "Yes," he replied, "just as long as you do not talk to me about religion." Lifting his heart in prayer the minister said "You know I have to preach tonight, and many of those that will be there are poor people, and sick, who will soon have to face death just as you are now doing. Tell me, what shall I preach about?" There was a long silence, and then with tear-dimmed eye he responded, "Preach Christ to them, preach Christ." Then utterly broken he was ready to let the minister preach Jesus to him, and to lead him to receive Christ as his Savior.

This is what the world needs today, and the need of every individual. Let us be faithful to make Him known, for He is the only way of Salvation.

"No matter what scripture text I preach from, I always cut
cross-country to Jesus Christ, and preach His saving Grace."
- Charles Spurgeon


Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Wow. The Lord has really been convicting me in one area. And He seems to get me from all sides. From the Book I'm reading to the message we watched this past week at Bible Study. God has really been showing me how cold my prayer life really is.

I don't know about you but it seems as though every time you think you are "OK" in your walk with the Lord He seems to turn the light on a little brighter so I can see how much I still need to clean up in my life.

Oft times we are told "Prayer is so important" "You Need to Pray" and we look over our hectic schedule and say "I don't have time to pray". I've been reading the Book "Set-Apart Femininity" by Leslie Ludy.

She told of a time when the Lord prompted her and her husband (Eric) to spend more time in prayer. They heeded this call and as a result they seem to have more time. They started spending concentrated time in prayer every morning and evening two years ago and in that time they have written 4 full length books, done over 200 hours worth of public speaking, launched two major websites, conducted countless media interviews and conference calls, gone on several trips, pastored a church community, personally mentored several young people a week, helped their two-year-old memorized 180 country flags and capitals, the solar system, and 140 dog breeds, and adopted a five-month-old baby girl from Korea. A side from this they have had huge amounts of leisure time sprinkled throughout these years. So God can bless you above and beyond if you give Him "God-room" a Place for him to step in and work, we can make this kind of room through prayer.

I could go on and on about making "God-room" but I would get so muddled up. I would HIGHLY recommend you to watch or listen to the message by Doug Small entitled "Entertaining God" See if you can get your hands on it somewhere. He emphasizes on the NEED to entertain God as Abraham did in Genesis 18. God can only move when we invite Him in.

So often when we are going through times of Struggle we cry out "God where are you?" But one thing that Doug Small said was that God won't barge in, we Need to invite Him in.

So the Lord has just showed me again and again that Prayer is to be the center of my relationship with Him. If we want to get to know someone we spend time talking to them a two way conversation.

Any way. I hope that made sense. I'll expound on smaller points as I have time.

Blessings to each of you as you Seek the face of God.

Seeking Him,

Thursday, August 21, 2008

We had a bit of excitement at our house last night. At about 10pm we were getting ready for bed we had had Dad's Birthday celebration that evening and the last guests had left when all of the sudden we hear sirens. Well that in itself is exciting the sound of sirens always makes my blood rush. Usually when we hear sirens they are on Hwy. 19 (a road that intersects our road half a kilometer from our place) and then they fade off into the distance, well that wasn't the case last night a police car came speeding past our place lights flashing sirens blaring and then he was gone. "That's weird" I thought but what made it weirder was not two minutes later it came past again headed the opposite direction in hot pursuit of a car then one weirder was a few houses down the car that was being pursued pulled a "uie" (aka. U turn) and headed back towards our place sped on the other side of our neighbor's house (on their lawn) down a hill through their hedge and was going to head up the street beside our house but found that the police was there already so... he pulled up on to our back yard bumped our trampoline and jumped out and ran. So by this time we were all by the windows watching to see what would happen. My sister Heidi pointed out which way he went (she is very proud of that fact) and off they headed. By the time it was all said and done (they caught him within half an hour) we had about 10 police vehicles around our place (some from as far away as London which is about 45 min away) so I have no Idea how long this chase had been going on or what trouble he had caused else where. I know he took down a stop sign some where on the way. Things finally cleared up a little after 11pm.
So that was our excitement last night.


As to what the Lord has been teaching me... I was reading through Song of Solomon these past few days and the Lord gave me some practical tips for single hood. I'll see if I can pull it together in a way that you will understand. You may get something totally different out of these verses but this is just what the Lord showed me from them.

In Song of Solomon 2:7, 3:5, 8:4 He says "I charge you, O ye daughters of Jerusalem, by the roes, and by the hinds of the field, that ye stir not up, nor awake my love, till he please."

We are not to wake up love before it is time. We are not given the time when we are to be awaken so we need to give it to the Lord and let him wake us up when it is time. I have seen so many girls struggle with this (and yes I struggle with it too) that they wake up before it is time but the longing that they have cannot be filled because it is not the time appointed by the Lord.

So 2:10
My beloved spake, and said unto me, Rise up, my love, my fair one, and come away.

He is the one to be calling us not us finding and calling him. The Man is to be the leader in the Church, Home, and in Relationships. So he is the one to initiate it. I am so blessed to have the Dad I do to protect me and if and when the right young man comes along to call me he will have to ask permission to let his voice to be heard. Wait till you hear the call.

So 8:6
Set me as a seal upon thine heart, as a seal upon thine arm: for love is strong as death; jealousy is cruel as the grave: the coals thereof are coals of fire, which hath a most vehement flame.

When you are married you are (for lack of better words) stuck with this guy for life. when it doesn't go your way you can't back out and leave and find someone else. Although many do this it isn't the way that God designed it to be. So be so careful as to who you give your heart to.

So 5:6b-7
I sought him, but I could not find him; I called him, but he gave me no answer.
The watchmen that went about the city found me, they smote me, they wounded me; the keepers of the walls took away my veil from me.

Again He is to be the one calling us not us him. Often what will turn a guy off is a girl who looks for attention someone who makes it known that she wants a boyfriend. Let God bring him to you he can do it. There is a large chance that if you go out and "look and call" for a young man that you will be hurt (not just physically but emotionally) just as this young woman was who went out and looked for her love. She didn't find her love and she lost her purity. I have two happily married sisters who waited to be called instead of doing the calling and they wouldn't change it for the world.

So what I encourage every girl to do is to hide in Jesus. I know not every one is blessed with a godly father but I heard a quote once that really encouraged me it said.

"A girl should be so lost in Jesus,
That a young man has to search Jesus to find her"

Lets purpose to do that. I am not perfect in this area I still struggle with this. But with God's help I want to wait in sleep to be awakened by the Lord and called by the Young Man that he has for me.

May each of you get lost in Jesus!!

Your Sister in the Lord,

PS. Sorry if theres any bloopers in here my mind gets ahead of my fingers sometimes just let me know if you see anything!

Friday, August 1, 2008

O Be Careful...

I'm sure you all are familiar with the children's song

"O Be Careful Little Eyes what you see.
O Be Careful Little Eyes what you see.
For the Father up above is looking down with Love
So Be Careful Little Eyes what you see." and on it goes with the Mouth, hands, feet, ears.

I found this true this afternoon while I was watching my cousin's little two year old girl. I would say something and she would repeat it. and when you are used to using some slang its hard to speak properly. Not only are people around us watching but our Lord is watching as well.

This little song as well as a quote came to me that I heard awhile ago... I forget where I heard it... I think it was at Bible Study JP was saying that "We are always teaching someone, something, somewhere" and I had to stop and ask myself what am I teaching not only the children I teach but other younger Christians? Do I stand by my standards no matter what? or do I relent when the fear of man enters in? I had to confess that the latter is true. The worse thing for a new Christian to see is compromise in the people around them. You know that is one of the #1 reasons unbelievers give when they are confronted with their need for God "There are to many hypocrites in the Church today"

"The only Bible some people may ever read is YOUR LIFE" That is an incredibly sobering thought. What are they reading? Will it draw them to or away from the Lord?
In 2 Corinthians 3:2-3 Paul tells us as believers that "Ye are our epistle written in our hearts, known and read of all men: Forasmuch as ye are manifestly declared to be the epistle of Christ ministered by us, written not with ink, but with the Spirit of the living God; not in tables of stone, but in fleshy tables of the heart." WOW. I can see that I am really going to have to shape up so that when others around read me all they will see is Jesus. That sounds like a tall order but in another place Paul says "I can do all things (notice the ALL) through Christ which strengtheneth me."(Philippians 4:13)

"You have two different "walks". Your walk "walk" and your talk "walk" but your walk "walk" is louder than your talk "walk"."

I guess the quote thats on my header kinda goes along with this too...

"You write your own autobiography by
the choices you make and the things you do."
- Francis & Edith Schaeffer -

Thanks for listening to me ramble on!

May each of you be visited in a new way by our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.


Friday, July 18, 2008

Another Post

Greetings to all my faithful Readers,

It looks like this site needs another post. But the only problem is that I have no Idea what to post about. I have tried to cure this problem in the past with asking readers to provide a subject but that has failed another cure I have tried is what I call my "Random posts" where I tell you little bits of random information about my present life; but I find this does not always suffice. So this round I shall bore you all with comments and sounds that bring back memories from last week.

"So what are we doing? I don't understand" I heard this so many times last week from one of the little boys on my team; I explained the craft at least three times and he would turn to me and pop the question yet again. It nearly drove me crazy the last day; But the Lord lavished patience on me.

"I see the moon, the moon sees me..." That is the song my car load of girls sang every night... *sigh those drives were good times. We usually left the gym where we held the children's program at about 11pm sometimes later. Our car had no AC so our windows were rolled down and we would sing that song flying down the 427. *sigh those were good times.

"BLITZ" was the call you would hear if you would have stepped into our air conditioned basement apartment at about 12:00pm. We had some wonderful games and giggling fits as only a bunch of girls can have.

"BEEP BEEP BEEP" that is a little bit of an embarrassing sound when you are frying eggs or baking Pizza and the smoke alarm goes off. Even more so when the lady who owns the house is home. One of the guys had a quick fix for is problem. You simply take the batteries out. (don't worry we replaced them before turning in).

Another sound that brings back memories is Trina "yelling""Who put dirty dishes in the clean sink?" we had no dish towel until the last day and we didn't discover the dish rack until the last day as well so we brilliant people came up with the Idea that we would wash the dishes in one sink and stack them in the other. Well this worked out fine until someone came along who didn't know of our brilliant plan and mixed our clean dishes with dirty ones. So, Yeah those dishes got washed about three times before the made it back into the cupboard. fun times.

"My soul will rejoice in the Lord..." is what I would wake up to every morning whether it be at 9am or 6am. I would much rather wake up to a CD playing then that confounded "BEEP BEEP BEEPing" that is an option on most alarm clocks. (btw Hallal Music is Great to wake up to!)

There. Those are a few of my recollections from last week. I really enjoyed it. The Lord really blessed me. It was nice just to get away from the same old, same old every day routine.

The Lord is Good. Bless His Name.

Learning to lean on Him Only,

Monday, July 14, 2008

Hey Everybody!

This last week was so GREAT. I really enjoyed working with the children even though patients did run low at points but God was faithful!

I was able to lead a team of 14 children along with my good friend (who helped me keep my sanity) Nancy! She was so awesome all week.

The theme this year was the "Names of God" it was really neat. by the end of the week we had gone through 7 names of God; which included:


(Lord and Master),

El Roi
(The God who Sees),

Jehovah Raah
(The Lord is my Shepherd),

El Shaddai
(All Sufficient One),

Jehovah Tsidkenu
(God is My Righteousness),

Jehovah Nissi
(God is my Banner)

The Lord reaffirmed these things to me all last week through teaching these children that God is enough, we can't hide anything from Him, He will provide for us, and he created us and loves us. those were just a few points that we covered through out the week.

The week was also filled with fun moments. I shared a house with 6 other girls and we had a blast. Friday we went to the Toronto Science Centre and had loads of fun. and then even during the evenings when we had the children we had skits, songs, stories, verses we memorized. all around it was a week I won't forget. I'll probably post some more when I've had proper time to reflect and gather my thoughts.

I didn't have a camera but a couple of my friends did so I'll see what I can do as to posting some pictures yet.

Well I close in Half an Hour so I'm gonna head out and do what needs to be done here before closing.

Blessings to all as you seek to make El Shaddai your all in all.

In Christ Alone,

Sunday, July 6, 2008

This Week

Hey People,

Tomorrow I'm headed off to Toronto for a week with 3 other people from this area to teach a CI (excuse me) a Children's Program. Please pray for us. there will be 11 other young people besides the ones from my area there. Just pray that the Lord would empower us with His Spirit to reach out to these children. This week could change thier life. Please also pray for Patience and Lots of it. Thank you all very much!! I don't know it I will have access to the internet over there if I do I'll try to get a post or two out some time; If not then I shall attempt to fill you in next week when I return.

Blessings to each of you as you serve our Lord right where you are!!!


Serving God,


Thursday, July 3, 2008

Where are you at?

Wow. there is no better way to shake up your relationship with the Lord than to have an almost complete stranger but a brother in the Lord ask you how your relationship with the Lord is. That has really set me thinking. Is my relationship with the Lord as it should be? a quick glance and I can say a decided NO.

I have to constantly analyze my own life when I see something in someone else's life that isn't as it should be. Am I the same person in the Youth as I am at home? every time we get together do I have to pull on a mask so I look Spiritual? I like to be who I am; I like not always feeling the pressure that I have to conform to be like those around me so that I will gain favor I don't need. Something that the Lord keeps telling me is that "As long as you do what pleases me, What others say doesn't matter at all"

Any ways. That is a little of what has been running through my head lately. I find I don't open up to people but if I can write it down or post it, it comes out a little clearer.

Thanks for bearing with me.

In Christ Alone,

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Something New

I figured it was time to get something new up here for once. This may be a bit on the Random side but I hope I won't lose you.

I just finished a book called "Report for Duty" by Lily A. Bear (I think) about a young man who was drafted and told to report for duty but his call of duty to his master was stronger and because he answered the call of duty to his master he was heavily persecuted; and it eventually cost him his life. It was such a challenge to love only the Lord and to see your only home as Heaven no matter what persecutions you face on earth.

My Family along with some friends went to Marine Land Yesterday. I enjoyed the majority of it. I can see what could draw a person back again and again. But as Mom says "To everything there is a balance" so to much is bad. It is amazing how smart God created animals; watching those seals, dolphins, Orcas, and sealions it was AMAZING what they could to. Our Lord is truly Amazing.

Well I gotta head out its nearing bed time. The rest of this week we're going to be redoing my room!!! I can hardly wait 'till its done!!

Blessings to all as you seek the face of our Savior.

In Christ Alone,

Monday, June 2, 2008

God is Good

Hello Everyone,

Its been exactly a month since I updated, so I figured I should update.

The Lord is good. He has blessed me so much. This past weekend the Youth came to our place it was good. Chrissy and I went for a walk it was sooooo nice. God has so richly blessed me with amazing friends who you can talk to about anything, who will sit there and let you cry and know exactly how you feel.

on a different note. The other day I was wondering why it felt that I had moved away from the Lord, then a conversation that took place months ago came back to me. We were sharing what the Lord had been teaching us. I shared on Psalm 91 about Gods protection and that the secret place is in the center of his will etc. and then my brother shared on the same verse but from a different perspective. The First verse says...

"He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High
shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty."

and what he pointed out came back to me. He said that we tend to think that when we are close to God we are in the "light" we see things plainly. but here it says that we abide under the shadow in the shadows its dark and we can't always see the pathway but even in those times of "shadows" we are closer then we feel; he also pointed out that in other areas of the Bible it says that

" ... and Moses drew near unto the thick darkness where God was." Exodus 20:21

" heard the voice out of the midst of the darkness..." Deuteronomy 5:23

"He bowed the heavens also, and came down; and darkness was under his feet." 2 Samuel 22:10

"The LORD hath said that he would dwell in the thick darkness." 2 Chronicles 6:1

"...he knoweth what is in the darkness..."Daniel 2:22

Though sometimes we put ourselves into a different kind of darkness where the Lord is not.

So we don't need to jump to the conclusion that just because we are in a dark time God is far from us. we need to seek the face of our Lord and see if he is drawing near or if it us drawing away.

I hope that made sense. if all of the sudden I didn't make my point clear please say something and I will do my best to correct it. I do not want to give the impression that all dark times are God drawing near.

Blessings to you all as you seek the Lords Face.

Seeking His Face,

Friday, May 2, 2008

Rambling (again)

Hey People.
I haven't updated in awhile so I figured I would do a quick maybe random update before I head out for the evening. I have a Youth committee meeting.

My week has been full. I have had work every day and something up every evening. One of these evenings I'm gonna hole up in my room and I won't come out until its time to get ready to go to bed. I shall love that.

Jesus is so good. Even when trying times come, and we just don't understand why things are the way they are or why people respond the way they do. He is faithful and will remain so even if I don't. that is such a humbling thought. What Love. Do I deserve it? NO. But he not only gives it he Lavishes it on us. What a Great and Mighty God we serve.

The Lord has really been pruning me lately, with my plans and dreams for the future, for this year, wanting to take away the good to replace it with the Best. Am I willing to let everything go and totally trust him? What if its not the way I always dreamed? Is he trustworthy? my mind says YES! but he's teaching my heart that he really is.

OK. I'm done rambling. sorry. I'm sorting out my thoughts.

Thanks for baring with me. If it sounds jumbled up I'm sorry

Seeking Jesus and him alone,

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Lord is good!!!

OK so I haven't posted in awhile. so lets see what I can pull up that would interest you people...

The Lord is good. This past while I've really been struggling in a particular area of my life and I just couldn't get victory. Then yesterday evening as I was preparing for bed I suddenly felt free I wasn't even really thinking about it. it was wonderful. and still is.

Something the Lord has been teaching me lately is that he called me to be me. not someone else in my youth group, not some one else in the church, but just to be me. Not to take on the standards of others just to win their approval (which isn't by the way really needed but it is nice) but as long as I follow the Lords leading and seek His will His standards thats all that matters.

well blessings to you all. I nearly out did myself on this post :rolls eyes:


P.S We have had some BEAUTIFUL weather these past two weeks. I can finally go barefoot again!!!!!

Monday, March 31, 2008


I found this Humorous

On the first day, God created the dog and said: 'Sit all day by the door of your house and bark at anyone who comes in or walks past। For this, I will give you a life span of twenty years.


The dog said: 'That's a long time to be barking.

How about only ten years and I'll give you back the other ten?'
So God agreed.

On the second day, God created the monkey and said: 'Entertain people, do tricks, and make them laugh. For this, I'll give you a 20-year life span.


The monkey said: 'Monkey tricks for 20 years? That's a pretty long time to perform.

How about I give you back ten like the Dog did?'
And God agreed.

On the third day, God created the cow and said: 'You must go into the field with the farmer all day long and suffer under the sun, have calves and give milk to support the farmer's family. For this, I will give you a life span of 60 years.


The cow said: 'That's kind of a tough life you want me to live for sixty years.

How about 20 and I'll give back the other 40?'
And God agreed again.

On the fourth day, God created man and said: 'Eat, sleep, play, marry, and enjoy your life. For this, I'll give you 20 years.


But man said: 'Only 20 years? Could you possibly give me my 20, the 40 the cow gave back, the ten the monkey gave back, and the ten the dog gave back; that makes 80, okay?'
'Okay,' said God, 'You asked for it.


So that is why for our first 20 years we eat, sleep, play, and enjoy ourselves. For the next 40 years we slave in the sun to support our family. For the next ten years we do monkey tricks to entertain the grandchildren. And for the last ten years we sit on the front porch and bark at everyone.

Life has now been explained to you.

Thursday, March 27, 2008


You hear some pretty interesting stuff in a store sometimes.

I just had to men walk out of here and heard one say to the other.

"You Should give your wife a present"

And the other responded.

"I do give her a present every day my "presence"

I had to laugh.


On a bit of a different note.

I received the "Blogging with a Purpose" Award From Margaret
(Thank you) and so in turn I would like to pass it on to As Lily's Sewing, The Wissmann Family , and My sister Karen

The recipients of the award are asked to nominate five other blogs with a purpose that have not yet received the award and share them on your blog. God bless!
(I couldn't come up with 5 that hadn't already gotten the award)


Blessings to you all as you seek the face of God


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

In School my Family is reading the Biography of Francis and Edith Schaeffer. It is really interesting and inspiring. In the Chapter we were reading today there was a quote that was an eye-opener...

"You write your own autobiography by
the choices you make and the things you do."

What is your "biography" telling others? If we are a " epistle known and read of all men." what are we telling people with our lives? We can talk until we are blue in the face about high standards and convictions but if we are not living them what is that going to do? NOTHING. Our words and our actions MUST match up or we can make no difference in the world around us.

Think about.

If someone told you they were not a pack rat but yet they were at every yard sale with in miles buying odds and ends that had no real use would you believe that they were no pack rat? of course you wouldn't.

" epistles known and read of all men."

What are people reading about in your life?

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Doing Something About It


Two strangers attended the same church for several Sundays. None spoke to them. One said, "I will give this church one more chance. If nobody speaks to me next Sunday, I'll never go there again." The other said, "I don't like this no-speaking in church. If no one speaks to me next Sunday, I'll speak to someone."

Next Sunday, the usher happened to seat both of these men one in front of the other. As usual after the service, no one greeted the other. The first man rose to stalk out forever. The second man turned, put out his hand and said, "Good morning, Sir. I'm glad to see you. Fine sermon wasn't it?"

Both were pleased at having made a friend and continued to come.


Monday, March 17, 2008

What shall I update about?

Currently Reading
I Dared to Call Him Father: The Miraculous Story of a Muslim Womans Encounter with God
By Bilquis Sheikh, Richard H. Schneider

What shall I update about?

Ok here is what I shall do I shall list a bunch of random things and if I feel like expounding on them I shall.

- I am officially working part time at "Words of Life Christian Bookstore"
- I read a whole book today called " I Dared to Call Him Father" Read it if you can get your hands on it.
- The Lord is good even when I am not
- I'm listening to this really really good song called "I Can Go In" by Abigail Miller
Here are Lyrics

He stood beside the gate of Heaven, waiting to go in,
And he wondered how this Holy Place could take a man like him.
With shouts of great rejoicing and with music then they came,
Of the angels standing by him he asked what could be their name?

"These are the company of prophets. The goodly fellowship of souls,"
"Who spake God's Word with faith and boldness; who blessed the poor,
and made the wounded whole."

"Oh," he fell upon his knees, and cried, "I am not one of these."

He waited 'til another band of shining ones drew nigh,
They entered into Heaven with a "Hallelujah" cry.
He asked again, "Who are these? Can you tell me whence they came?"
He seemed to see the answer in a burning tongue of flame.

"These are the company of martyrs, the mighty fellowship of Saints."
"Who knew our Lord and walked beside Him."
"Who ran the holy race and did not faint."

"Oh," he fell upon his knees, and cried, "I am not one of these."

Then suddenly, a multitude was heard from far away.
Their voices rang with songs of joy like children at their play.
He saw Rahab, he saw David, Mary Magdalene and Paul,
And the thief who died by Jesus was the one who led them all.

"Who are these?!" he almost shouted at the angels.
"These are the sinners saved by grace!"
"The host of them who called upon the Savior;"
"Washed in Blood and justified by faith!"

And, Oh...he leaped up from his knees!
"Oh, I can go in with these!!!!"

"And I can go in, for my heart is free from sin."
"I've been washed in the Blood, everlasting life to win."
"I can rejoice, I can lift up my voice...I can sing...and I can go in."

Oh, he thought there could be no hallelujahs and no cries,
For this lowly band of people by the world despised,
But as the scenes of heaven opened up before his eyes,
He saw the martyrs and the prophets, and the host of heaven rise,
And they sang, "I can go in. For my heart is free from sin."
I've been washed in the blood, everlasting life to win,"

"I can rejoice, I can lift up my voice...I can sing...and I can go in."
"I can go in."
"I can rejoice, I can lift up my voice...I can sing...and I can go in."
"I can go in."

So much for a random post oh well. I tried. on one of my next posts I'll expound a little more on these lyrics and what they mean to me!


P.S. Please Pray for our Youth. The Lord is doing a real work and the devil is trying hard to destroy it. Thank you. This is something that the Lord has really laid on my heart as well as one or two other girls; we are praying.

Friday, March 14, 2008



On the sixth day God turned to the Archangel Gabriel and said: 'Today I am going to create a land called Canada It will be a land of outstanding natural beauty. It shall have tall majestic mountains full of mountain goats, and eagles, beautiful sparkling lakes bountiful with bass and trout, forests full of elk and moose, high cliffs over-looking sandy beaches with an abundance of sea life, and rivers stocked with salmon.'

God continued, 'I shall make the land rich in resources so as to make the inhabitants prosper, I shall call these inhabitants Canadians, and they shall be known as the most friendly people on the earth.'

'But Lord,' asked Gabriel 'don't you think you are being too generous to these Canadians?'
'Not really,' replied God 'just wait and see the winters I am going to give them.'

We have had a huge dump of snow this past week or so. so yeah I thought this was pretty funny!

Blessings to every one as you seek the Lord.


Friday, February 29, 2008

What do we do with the Struggles that the Lord brings our way? Do we fall into the category of self-pity, or do we turn them into stepping stones?

Do you allow the Lord to turn it into something beautiful. Or do you try to turn it into something for yourself? (which ends up totally ugly)

If you allow the Lord to work through you, you may help those coming behind you that they can learn from you mistakes (which you turned into steppingstones).

Just a few thoughts that were running through my head. The Lord is Good. No matter what!


Friday, February 22, 2008


Does anyone know where I can get a nice simple template for my blog? I just can't find one. I like something thats brown or dark red it can be plaid or gingham, I donno. I just can't find one that looks like a "Melodie template"

If any one knows of a site please let me know thanks!


Friday, February 15, 2008

"Ye have not chosen me, but I have chosen you..."

John 15:16

What made God choose me? what did He see in me?


The verse goes on to say;

" ...and ordained you, that ye should go and bring forth fruit, and that your fruit should remain: that whatsoever ye shall ask of the Father in my name, he may give it you."

What a precious Promise.

May we allow the Father to work through us so that our fruit may remain.

Blessings in Jesus,

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Hey People

The Lord has been revealing a lot to me lately. Confirming old truths and revealing new ones. Yesterday throughout the day I listened to the entire "Godly Courtship" series. That is mind boggling to take in so much. But the Lord has pointed out things that I need to improve in how I interact with the Brothers in the Church. Its all hit me in the face how important it is to keep our emotions in check and putting affections on the "shelf" until the Lord tells us other wise. Also that it is not up to a girl to seek out a husband but it is up to the Lord, the Young man, and My Father. Only after the approval has been given first by the Lord, then His parents, then My parents should I even hear about it. Sorry I'm rambling, thinking out loud.

I never realized how damaging it is for girls to sit around and talk about this young man and that young man. we are supposed to keep these affections to ourselves. in our single years we are in a sense to be "married" to the Lord. Learn to Love Him with all our hearts. Be so focused on Him that He has to knock several times before we "wake up". which for a young lady should only be done by her parents not the out of place affections of a young man.

I have realized afresh how blessed I really am to have the protection of My Parents. I take it for granted so often. "Lord, Forgive me"

Lets just say I am going to look at this thing called "courtship" from a totally different perspective. I would encourage all young people to listen to the "Godly Courtship" even if you have before, do it again. It will put a whole new perspective on things. (Keep in mind that although we may not agree with everything "eat the meat and spit out the bones")



Monday, February 4, 2008


Normal. Yeah right. What is Normal anyways? it seem just as you are about to get used to things up pops change and off you go again. Oh well the Lord never puts us through useless struggles.

He is still good even when we aren't,
He still loves us when we are unlovable,
He is still faithful when we are unfaithful.
It just doesn't make sense.
My mind cannot comprehend it.

Mom and Dad are returning from their trip to Mexico tomorrow. I can't wait! Running a household is fun but this 17 year old is not meant to raise 4 younger siblings. But its been good. The Lord has richly blessed us with a Church family that cares. we've gotten about 3 meals brought to us. and this morning at our ladies breakfast I got special "good morning"s and "how are you"s I felt special.


Here is Love

Here is love, vast as the ocean,
Loving-kindness as the flood,
When the Prince of Life, our Ransom,
Shed for us His precious blood.
Who His love will not remember?
Who can cease to sing His praise?
He can never be forgotten,
Throughout Heav’n’s eternal days.

On the mount of crucifixion,
Fountains opened deep and wide;
Through the floodgates of God’s mercy
Flowed a vast and gracious tide.
Grace and love, like mighty rivers,
Poured incessant from above,
And Heav’n’s peace and perfect justice
Kissed a guilty world in love.

Let me all Thy love accepting,
Love Thee, ever all my days;
Let me seek Thy kingdom only
And my life be to Thy praise;
Thou alone shalt be my glory,
Nothing in the world I see.
Thou hast cleansed and sanctified me,
Thou Thyself hast set me free.

In Thy truth Thou dost direct me
By Thy Spirit through Thy Word;
And Thy grace my need is meeting,
As I trust in Thee, my Lord.
Of Thy fullness Thou art pouring
Thy great love and power on me,
Without measure, full and boundless,
Drawing out my heart to Thee.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Life in General

Jake and Karen Reimer. That sounds weird. one weirder though is Mrs. Karen Reimer. But Thats what she is. The Wedding was beautiful and I had a lot of fun. I will post pictures once I get some good ones my sister Heidi has some on her xanga but they are pretty bad but hey their pictures.

My room. That is the weirdest of all. I've rearranging cleaning out decluttering and all that fun stuff. it looks/feels empty.

Dad & Mom left this morning for a two and a half (maybe three) week trip to Mexico with George & Aggie Heide. JP and Sherry are moving in for that time which is really nice these next few weeks are going to be fun.

What is Normal? The Dictionary says that it means:

"conforming to the standard or the common type; usual; not abnormal; regular; natural."

Life brings so many twists and turns I am having to constantly adjust to a new "normal" the Lord is continually reminding me that He is enough and whispering in my ear "Just trust me" which is so much harder than it sounds. we as human beings want to know how its all going to work out what we are going to encounter on the way. We want all the answers. Thats just now how God works though He wants us to Obey and Trust now and maybe understand and see the bigger picture later. The Lords ways are best.

I want to post the lyrics to a song I love but I need to get the CD from a friend yet but the Course says:

"So remove every idle 'till you're all I want and need.
Just the basics for survival, take it all until I see, Only You!"

It is a beautiful song. I'll get the rest of it up soon.

Well Blessings to each and every one of you.
And may the Lord reveal himself to you in a very real way.