Saturday, February 9, 2008

Thinking out loud. (bear with me)

Hey People

The Lord has been revealing a lot to me lately. Confirming old truths and revealing new ones. Yesterday throughout the day I listened to the entire "Godly Courtship" series. That is mind boggling to take in so much. But the Lord has pointed out things that I need to improve in how I interact with the Brothers in the Church. Its all hit me in the face how important it is to keep our emotions in check and putting affections on the "shelf" until the Lord tells us other wise. Also that it is not up to a girl to seek out a husband but it is up to the Lord, the Young man, and My Father. Only after the approval has been given first by the Lord, then His parents, then My parents should I even hear about it. Sorry I'm rambling, thinking out loud.

I never realized how damaging it is for girls to sit around and talk about this young man and that young man. we are supposed to keep these affections to ourselves. in our single years we are in a sense to be "married" to the Lord. Learn to Love Him with all our hearts. Be so focused on Him that He has to knock several times before we "wake up". which for a young lady should only be done by her parents not the out of place affections of a young man.

I have realized afresh how blessed I really am to have the protection of My Parents. I take it for granted so often. "Lord, Forgive me"

Lets just say I am going to look at this thing called "courtship" from a totally different perspective. I would encourage all young people to listen to the "Godly Courtship" even if you have before, do it again. It will put a whole new perspective on things. (Keep in mind that although we may not agree with everything "eat the meat and spit out the bones")



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  1. Sara N. Smith said...
    What a good post. So right and so true!
    Blessings to you always - may you continue to be faithful to our Lord and Saviour!

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